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15.3.2018 klo 10 – 10:45 Katsaus Elintarvikelainsäädännön vaatimuksiin Ilmainen
22.3.2018 klo 10 – 10:45 Katsaus Ympäristölainsäädännön  vaatimuksiin Ilmainen
24.5.2018 klo 10 – 10:45 Katsaus Elintarvikelainsäädännön vaatimuksiin Ilmainen


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RAMBOLL järjestää webinaarien koskien helmikuussa 2018 julkaistavaa ISO45001:2018 standardia. Seminaarin puhuja Greg Roberts on ollut mukana ISO-komiteassa valmistelemassa standardia, joten webinaarissa voi kysellä myös tulkinnoista.

ISO 45001:2018 WEBINAR – Navigating the first international standard for occupational health and safety management systems (OH&SMS)

ISO 45001, the new international standard for OH&SMS, will be published in February 2018, replacing OHSAS 18001. Building on our successful webinar series in 2017, we’re hosting more webinars in March 2018. These free online sessions will explain the key changes and recommend steps for the successful implementation of, or transition to, the new standard.

12:00 UTC on Tuesday 20th March 2018
Hosts Greg Roberts and Michael Tans

Not only will the new standard present a more strategic, integrated and outward-looking framework to improve health and safety performance, but it will make integration with other management systems simpler than ever before. This is because the new standard shares the new common structure defined by Annex SL, and aligns with the 2015 versions of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
Combining our experience in OHS management and management systems, we will cover the following in each one-hour webinar
• An overview of the main changes
• What steps organisations need to take
• How to harmonise with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001
• Suggested action plans and what to budget for
• What the certification audit bodies look for

To register for one of our webinars, click here.

For more information on the webinars, or if you would like to arrange a free webinar specifically for your company, contact Greg Roberts or Michael Tans for Europe.


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